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eKhales to provide its digital payment solutions at “Contact” branches

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eKhales, a subsidiary of EFIG, signed a strategic partnership with Contact, a subsidiary of Contact Financial Holding. The partnership will see eKhales provide digital payment solutions and services at Contact branches and mobile application, which was launched in January 2023, across multiple areas, including school and university fees, landline bills and mobile bills, internet subscriptions, transportation tickets, TV channel subscriptions, installments for insurance premiums, charitable donations, and club subscriptions.

eKhales boasts a comprehensive technological infrastructure, including a nationwide electronic network that is aligned with international best practice regarding safety and security and specializes in launching and operating a wide range of public services.


The company possesses a unique ability to maintain the safety of valuable data and ensures transparency throughout the collection process. eKhales also accepts local and international payment transactions through various electronic payment networks, including Visa, Mastercard, as well as the local network, Meeza.

Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairman of EFIG: “I am proud of the Group’s leading position in the Egyptian digital payments field, leveraging its comprehensive nationwide digital payments network that serves all market industries, banked and unbanked customers, through its strategic partnership with the government, the central bank of Egypt and the banking sector as a whole.

Ahmed El Tantawy, acting managing director of eKhales: “This mutually beneficial partnership will provide Contact’s customers with a comprehensive set of services that offer the benefits that come with utilizing digital payments, including conducting transactions from any place and at any time. As the first provider of electronic payments in Egypt, eKhales is able to provide best-in-class services that have gained the confidence and trust of its customers.


Further commenting on the partnership is Ahmed Abdel Hakim, CEO of Contact, “The company is committed to providing its customers with new and innovative solutions that enhance our customers’ ability to pay their monthly bills through Contact’s payment network. This strategic partnership with eKhales, a leading player in the financial services and governments payments space, stands testament to eKhales’ and Contact’s commitment to providing a superior service offering to their customers.”

Saeed Zaatar, CEO of Contact Financial Holding, also provided commentary, “This partnership marks an additional step in Contact’s digital transformation strategy, which began in 2020. The company aims to digitize all financial transactions, e-finance, improve its overarching digital service offering and align with global trends in the financial technology space. Contact will continue to leverage its exceptional team of professionals to adopt and implement innovative solutions that best serve our wide customer base.”

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