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Established in 2005 to construct and operate the Egyptian government's financial network, eFinance is a leading developer of digital payment infrastructures and a provider of network management and end-to-end process services. Since launch, eFinance has expanded into diverse corners of Egypt's digital market and transformed itself into a fully-fledged investment group, holding a comprehensive portfolio of subsidiaries covering each link of the digital payment value chain and beyond. The Group's holding structure positions it to target growth across multiple markets and drive valuable synergies across its business lines, expanding its market share in each segment while consolidating its ubiquitous presence across Egypt's digital ecosystem, with a range of investments deepening its presence in a variety of new sectors.

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I would like to thank eFinance for its leading role in the digital governmental financial network project, the company is a strategic reliable partner for the Ministry of Finance.
Proud of the role of a great state-owned company, eFinance in enhancing the Egyptian economy by working on the development of infrastructure, this effort is demonstrated in a great way in working on the digitalization of all agricultural holdings across the country, which contributes significantly to Egypt’s vision 2030.
The launch of the digital agricultural network is a major event with the development of the agricultural sector, the system data will be a huge benefit- to the ministry through the partnership between the Agricultural Bank and eFinance.
I am thankful to eFinance for the huge and significant efforts done by its huge team in implementing the system of managing government financial information for the Ministry of Finance with high quality and efficiency.
The agricultural holding digitalization project is a vital national project which enables the decision maker to know the details of agricultural holdings and support provided to the farmer, and eFinance has played an active role in achieving this in cooperation with the Ministry of Military Production and the Ministry of Agriculture.
Proud of the successful and outstanding work with eFinance on the most important projects of the Ministry of Social Solidarity; pensions digital transformation and solidarity and dignity and I testify to them with continuous hard work in reaching the best results.
I feel happy and proud of the presence of an Egyptian national company with such a level of efficiency as eFinance, through my work in previous years my confidence in the team of the company increased and I congratulate the company on its continuous success.
I thank the eFinance team for the great efforts in activating the electronic agricultural holding system in cooperation with the team of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Military Production.
eFinance has played a major role since the kickoff of the Egyptian census project by evaluating the infrastructure, proposing recommendations, raising its efficiency, and providing continuous technical support which was the main contributor to managing crises and enhancing our business processes.

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Latest News

EFIG signs an MoU with Visa to develop digital payments in Egypt

eFinance Investment Group signed an MOU with Visa, the global leader in the field of digital payments in the presence of  Mr. Ibrahim Sarhan, Mrs. Leila Sarhan, Vice President to lead operations across North Africa, Levant and Pakistan, Malak El Baba, Country Manager of Visa in Egypt and Omar Al-Attar government business development director, to expand their cooperation on the development of digital payments in Egypt,  the protocol includes the launch of products for the  first time in Egypt, as well as a range of digital initiatives and projects that will create a solid foundation for further growth in digital payments for the public and private sectors within Egypt's Vision 2030. The cooperation protocol includes advisory services on the introduction of several innovative solutions, in addition to providing examples of global and regional best practices for digital government services and payment channels.
eFinance launches the biggest multi cloud platform in Egypt

EFIG launches The Biggest Multi Cloud Platform in Egypt

EFIG announces the launch of the first & biggest multi cloud platform in Egypt during the activities of our strategic partnership with Cairo ICT 2022 exhibition, in partnership with 13 leading global companies in technology and cloud hosting services as follows: F5, Redhat, Huawei, Pure storage, Dell, IBM, Cisco, VMware, Commvault, BMC, Fortinet, Paloalto & Citrix. For the first time, the group was able to bring together all these leading global institutional expertise in the fields of technology and integrated cloud computing within one project led by "eFinance" to serve the digital transformation operations in Egypt with the most advanced and latest global technologies in a way that suits the needs of various sectors, ministries, institutions, ,public and private sectors companies. The multi cloud platform will offer a unique package of multiple products and services, The platform has been equipped with the latest secure computing technologies, and the provision of multiple digital services including the latest software, cloud platforms, cybersecurity applications, artificial intelligence, big data processing, and others. Ibrahim Sarhan, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of eFinance Investment Group said that this platform reflects the great leap achieved by the group in developing its cloud computing services system, as it succeeded in supporting it with large investments to upgrade its necessary infrastructure, in cooperation with major international institutions and companies, to contribute to advancing digital transformation in Egypt. He added that the tremendous development carried out by the group will contribute mainly to supporting the efforts of the Central Bank of Egypt for digital transformation and serving digital banks and startups in the field of financial inclusion, where cooperation between the group and the Central Bank in those areas, and the integrated cloud computing from eFinance will provide its services to banks in line with all standards, requirements and requirements of digital transactions for the banking sector. Moreover eFinance has obtained the quality certificate in operating cloud computing ISO 20001 and many international certificates from the largest technology companies specialized in the field of cloud computing to be among the top 200 cloud computing providers globally in a market with more than ten thousand service providers globally, which contributes to achieving the highest level of service performance, availability, insurance and ensuring business continuity while reducing time and internal costs.

eAswaaq Misr signs an MoU with Schneider Electric to cooperate in digitizing business processes on the sidelines of the COP27

eAswaaq Misr, The Group's subsidiary specialized in e-commerce platforms, signed an MoU with Schneider Electric Egypt, a pioneer in digital automation and energy management, on the sidelines of the participation of EFIG in the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27, in a way that supports Egypt's efforts towards digital transformation for a sustainable environment.According to the signing, eAswaaq Misr agreed to display and market all "Schneider Electric" products on the Aswaaq Misr platform for distribution and commercial sale, targeting new markets locally and internationally. In addition to establishing the Schneider Electric official online store in all its sectors on the platform to distribute and sell all its products through the electronic platform of eAswaaq Misr. The protocol also includes the presentation of various electronic financing programs, provided by various financing agencies and institutions, in addition to providing national financing initiatives to suppliers and customers of Schneider Electric in accordance with the established regulations. The partnership agreement was signed by Mr. Islam Maamoun, CEO of eAswaaq Misr, and Mr.Sebastien Riez, Northeast Africa & Levant Cluster President of Schneider Electric, in the presence of Mr. Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairman of EFIG. This agreement came in light of the high-tech infrastructure owned by eAswaq Misr according to the latest international standards, the company has extensive experience in the field of building and operating electronic markets, most notably the Aswaaq Misr e-commerce platform for both businesses and consumers, in line with Schneider Electric Egypt and its leadership in the process of digital automation and energy management in homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries within Egypt and the world, and its endeavor to be the digital partner for sustainability and efficiency. Mr. Ibrahim Sarhan said that the group and all its projects always support the trend towards a green economy and provide all means and mechanisms of digital transformation that supports sustainable development. Mr.Sebastien Riez said that the company is proud of its partnership with eAswaaq Misr and is confident in achieving further progress. Islam Maamoun stressed that the cooperation with Schneider Electric Egypt represents a strong push on the road to digital transformation to support sustainable development in Egypt.