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EFIG Incorporates Multiple Global Technology Companies Into Its Integrated Cloud Computing Platform

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eFinance Investment Group has recently unveiled its expansions in the field of cloud computing services, having entered into several collaboration agreements with leading global companies. Among these are Broadcom, Ivanti, LogRhythm, NetScout, Sophos, Splunk, TrendMicro, Veeam, and Xerox, which have joined the diverse roster of global companies on the eFinance cloud computing platform. This move responds to the needs of the Egyptian market, as the company aims to provide comprehensive technological solutions through its collaboration with international firms.

Thanks to these new partnerships, the number of services on the eFinance cloud computing platform has risen to 200 diverse offerings. The integration among these services aims towards providing a variety of technological solutions that cater to the needs of all companies, regardless of their size or geographical scope. This enhances its ability to adapt to digital transformation and sustainably improve its performance.

These expansions follow the launch of Egypt's first integrated cloud computing platform by eFinance during the "Cairo ICT 2022" exhibition. This step aims to support Egypt's vision 2030 in achieving digital transformation and providing an advanced digital infrastructure to foster innovation and enhance operational efficiency.

In a statement, Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairman & CEO of eFinance Investment group, emphasized the importance of these partnerships in supporting digital transformation in Egypt. He highlighted that the significant development witnessed by the platform plays a crucial role in supporting the state's efforts towards digital transformation and serving various sectors, including financial inclusion and startups.

Mr. Ibrahim Sarhan points out that this new technology meets the needs of current and future companies and institutions, reflecting The Group's commitment to continuous development and keeping abreast of the latest advancements in global data centers.

It is also worth mentioning that The Group has obtained the ISO 20001 quality certification in cloud computing operations, placing it among the top 200 service providers globally.

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