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Established in 2005 to construct and operate the Egyptian government's financial network, eFinance is a leading developer of digital payment infrastructures and a provider of network management and end-to-end process services. Since launch, eFinance has expanded into diverse corners of Egypt's digital market and transformed itself into a fully-fledged investment group, holding a comprehensive portfolio of subsidiaries covering each link of the digital payment value chain and beyond. The Group's holding structure positions it to target growth across multiple markets and drive valuable synergies across its business lines, expanding its market share in each segment while consolidating its ubiquitous presence across Egypt's digital ecosystem, with a range of investments deepening its presence in a variety of new sectors.

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I would like to thank eFinance for its leading role in the digital governmental financial network project, the company is a strategic reliable partner for the Ministry of Finance.
Proud of the role of a great state-owned company, eFinance in enhancing the Egyptian economy by working on the development of infrastructure, this effort is demonstrated in a great way in working on the digitalization of all agricultural holdings across the country, which contributes significantly to Egypt’s vision 2030.
The launch of the digital agricultural network is a major event with the development of the agricultural sector, the system data will be a huge benefit- to the ministry through the partnership between the Agricultural Bank and eFinance.
I am thankful to eFinance for the huge and significant efforts done by its huge team in implementing the system of managing government financial information for the Ministry of Finance with high quality and efficiency.
The agricultural holding digitalization project is a vital national project which enables the decision maker to know the details of agricultural holdings and support provided to the farmer, and eFinance has played an active role in achieving this in cooperation with the Ministry of Military Production and the Ministry of Agriculture.
Proud of the successful and outstanding work with eFinance on the most important projects of the Ministry of Social Solidarity; pensions digital transformation and solidarity and dignity and I testify to them with continuous hard work in reaching the best results.
I feel happy and proud of the presence of an Egyptian national company with such a level of efficiency as eFinance, through my work in previous years my confidence in the team of the company increased and I congratulate the company on its continuous success.
I thank the eFinance team for the great efforts in activating the electronic agricultural holding system in cooperation with the team of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Military Production.
eFinance has played a major role since the kickoff of the Egyptian census project by evaluating the infrastructure, proposing recommendations, raising its efficiency, and providing continuous technical support which was the main contributor to managing crises and enhancing our business processes.

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Latest News

Egypt launches digital system to manage fuel supply in cooperation with eFinance

Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced the launch of a digital platform for petroleum products and natural gas, as part of the integrated program for digital transformation. The Minister of Petroleum said that the first of the new digital services is to provide an integrated system to manage and follow up on the supply of fuel to cars using a smart card instead of paper coupons, which ensures more secure transportation and circulation of petroleum products and preserves the rights of the contracting parties, through data that can be known through the smart card, such as determining the type of fuel used in vehicles, controlling balances in terms of value and required quantities, and providing periodic follow-up reports to help the decision-maker in the contracting authorities, in addition to providing telephone technical support services for this by eFinance. El Molla revealed the provision of cash-out services from gas stations in cooperation with eFinance company and entities affiliated with the Ministry of Petroleum such as the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation and petroleum products marketing companies. He also pointed to the availability of an electronic payment service at gas stations so that the citizen can pay the value of the products and services that they obtain at the station through their own bank card, which contributes to spreading electronic payment services and facilitating and spreading dealing with bank cards as part of the digital transformation process in Egypt. According to El-Molla, the electronic withdrawal service has been made available at 400 petrol stations across the Republic. This came during the inauguration of the Integrated Petrol Station – Cargas in Dokki, after its development, accompanied by Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, and Ibrahim Sarhan, head of eFinance. For his part, Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairperson, Managing Director, and CEO of the eFinance group for financial and digital investments, said that 8000 POS machines were made available to eKhales company at the gas stations of Misr Petroleum, through which a number of different financial services can be obtained, whether electronic payment of the various services that eKhales provides, such as water, electricity, gas, and mobile phone bills, or obtaining financial withdrawal services, which include the disbursement of pensions, Takaful and Karama, and employee salaries. He added that the first phase of digital transformation in the petroleum sector is working efficiently, which is represented in the management and control system of petroleum products in warehouses and transport trucks. He explained that the current stage of digital transformation is to abolish gasoline bonuses and replace them with a smart card by automating all of Misr Petroleum’s gas stations through an integrated system that allows companies and agencies contracting with Misr Petroleum and cooperate gas stations to monitor, follow up and manage the gasoline consumption of their fleet, where the contracting parties may change the gasoline quota for each car electronically, and this system also provides clearer data on consumption, which helps the users of the system to know the operating economics more accurately.

EFIG cooperates with the ministry of social solidarity and “Sonaa el Hayah” in the Egyptian Outskirts Development Initiative

The initiative is aiming to improve the quality of life of Egyptian citizens and provide a decent life, leveraging on our CSR plan to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and Egypt's Vision 2030.  The initiative goals are developing and rehabilitating the village of Al-Farisiyah in Luxor Governorate, through: Upgrading 30 houses structures as a first stage. In support of small projects, such as supplying the residents with 30 fishing boats equipped with engines and various fishing supplies. Equipping and launching several medical convoys to examine the residents’ eyesight status and provide the right medical solution for each case. This project is one of the main projects that contribute to the United Nations sustainable development goals strategy, it targets Goal 1: No poverty, Goal 3: Good health and well-being, and Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth respectively.

eFinance signs MoU with Libyan Finance Ministry to develop, digitize government transactions

eFinance Group for financial and digital investments signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Libyan Ministry of Finance to provide electronic payment services to the Libyan government and develop and manage the financial and accounting information systems in the ministry. At its headquarters in Cairo on Sunday, eFinance received a Libyan delegation headed by Libyan Minister of Finance Khalid Al-Mabrouk aiming to learn about Egypt’s experience in developing and digitizing the government’s financial system and transfer said experience to Libya. The delegation was also briefed on eFinance’s experience in establishing a treasury single account (TSA), electronic payments, a collection center, and a number of government transaction automation systems. For his part, Al-Mabrouk praised eFinance’s efforts in spreading the culture of digital transformation, implementing projects, and the success of the partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Finance in light of Libya’s constructive ties with Egypt. Furthermore, the ministry is adopting modern methods to prepare government budgets in a way that ensures the established goals and plans are achieved. This will help set the financial indicators necessary to measure government performance. It also ensures appropriate frameworks for fiscal policy are established in addition to keeping pace with modern technological systems, achieving accuracy and speed in performance, applying electronic control systems, securing information, and following electronic means in procedures. Ibrahim Sarhan — Chairperson of the Board of Directors of eFinance — then said that the agreement is a very important step for the group, as it reflects the company’s commitment to expanding to foreign markets — especially in Africa — with unlimited development opportunities, thus contributing to increasing the volume of the group’s business and achieving the greatest benefit for its shareholders. This cooperation also reflects the level of international confidence eFinance Group has as a leading government arm in the digitization of financial transactions.