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eFinance, Caisec’s technology partner for the 2nd year in a row

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eFinance, EFIG's subsidiary, confirmed its leadership position in the fields of information security, cloud computing security, and cybersecurity with its participation and sponsorship as a technology partner for the second consecutive year of the Cyber and Information Security Exhibition and Conference (Caisec'23) on June 12 and 13, 2023.

The experts of eFinance took part in a variety of panels and workshops in the presence of ministers, officials, and cybersecurity executives from significant local and international technology and information security agencies.

  • Protecting Cloud Assets Panel
  • Security Planning: Ask the Right Questions Panel
  • Supply Chain Attacks: How to Control what You Can’t Control Panel
  • Securing from Within: Building a Strong Defense against Insider Threats Panel

At the “Protecting Cloud Assets” Panel, Eng. Haytham Elwany, IT & Cloud Solution Delivery Deputy Director at eFinance, spoke about the necessity to list all investment options, assign various weights to the significance and volume of data, and then construct an insurance model for each customer and each set of data and information based on those weights.

At the “Security Planning: Ask the Right Questions” Panel, Eng. Yehia El Gohary, Information Security Deputy Senior Manager at eFinance, spoke about how measuring awareness levels and holding various awareness tests, along with training and awareness sessions for all employees in all jobs and job levels, are all important parts of the planning policies for protection because problems always arise and are unintentional due to the employee's lack of sufficient awareness.

At the “Supply Chain Attacks: How to Control what You Can’t Control” Panel, Eng. Atef Mohamed, IT & Cloud Director at eFinance, spoke about how the full value of the supply chain must be taken care of because it strengthens the various departments that work within the supply chain in one way or another. The legal department must be involved to ensure complete compliance with the contracts and obligations of each party, and attention must also be paid to the involvement of other departments, financial department, and information technology department.

At the “Securing from Within: Building a Strong Defense against Insider Threats” Panel, Eng. Mahmoud Ebied, IT & Cloud Operation Deputy Senior Manager at eFinance, spoke about how there are many businesses that are dealing with threats from within, and there are numerous solutions available. One of the most crucial is for managers to instill a culture of awareness throughout the organization. This fosters an environment where employees can watch for and identify unusual activity. There must be policies in place to deal with this kind of threat by providing guidelines for spotting suspicious behavior and learning from past mistakes.

Additionally, eFinance demonstrated its capacity to offer data insurance as a stand-alone service to businesses and public and private institutions, enabling the provision of an integrated service system that includes the provision of cadres qualified to activate and manage the security system as well as the potential to provide various information security services offered by all global businesses contracting with eFinance.

Eng. Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairman and CEO of EFIG, said the organization is constantly focused on constant communication and effective presence in various international forums, conferences, and exhibitions, to enhance its role in the field of cybersecurity, and to provide the best protection of data and information by forming international partnerships and luring the most cutting-edge information security technologies.

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