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EFIG, in collaboration with Sonaa El Kheir, celebrate the re-opening of Ezbet Al-Safih, in Fayoum after reconstruction


Ezbet Al-Safih, Al-Shimi Village, in Al-Fayoum was officially inaugurated as part of the eFinance Investment Group's direct social investment strategy in cooperation with “Sonaa el Kheir”, a member of the National Alliance, and in the presence of the Governor of Fayoum Dr.Ahmed El-Ansari and a representative of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Ministry of Education, and within the framework of the presidential initiative "Hayah Karima (Decent Life)"

 1. 48 houses were reconstructed in two phases, with concrete, flooring, plumbing, paint, doors, and windows completed before the houses were fully furnished with electrical appliances, two bedrooms, a reception area, and a kitchen.

2. Enhancing El-Shimi School's computer lab's efficiency by repainting it and providing ten computers as well as a printer and a projector.

3. A medical convoy to check schoolchildren and identify diseases including anemia, diabetes, and vision impairment early on and provide the necessary treatment as well as eyeglasses.

In the second stage, a sustainability center will be established with the goal of empowering women in the Fayoum Governorate and promoting financial independence as a part of a heritage and handicrafts revival initiative.

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