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EFIG celebrates the first phase completion of Alfarisiyah renovations in Luxor as a part of its ongoing CSR plan


EFIG carries on with the CSR plan by finalizing phase 1 of developing and renovating the village houses of Al-Farisiyah in Luxor Governorate, With the reconstruction, development and furnishing of 30 houses and the delivery of 30 fully equipped fishing boats to the village’s selected eligible families of “Esna”town.

In a celebration within the village, the keys to the new homes and the boats were given out to the families by Dr. Nevin el Kabbaj, the minister of Social Solidarity, Mostafa Zamzam, the Chairman of Sonaa el Kheir, Ahmed Ismail, the Chief e-Payments Consultant & Yasmine Rashed, Marketing & Communication & CSR Director of EFIG after touring the village and checking the new, renovated houses alongside Mostafa Elham, the Governor of Luxor.




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